Comparing 7 Defined Contribution Plan Designs

When designing a Defined Contribution plan, it is important to understand how the various types compare. Learn More >

Small Business Retirement Plan Options

A review of plan features for 4 types of common plan designs used by small employers. Learn More >

Safe-Harbor Leveraging For Small Business, Top-Heavy Retirement Plans

A discussion of the various provisions in a plan that will allow owners in small businesses maximize their contributions. Learn More >

"Cross-Testing" in Qualified Profit Sharing Plans

A brief description of the mechanics of cross-testing and some general guidelines on which employers are good candidates for this plan design. Learn More >

2015 Benchmark Survey Highlights Plan Trends

Results from a recent survey of nearly 400 plan sponsors provide insight into how plans are being administered and what features employers are using to encourage participation. Learn More >

Why Sponsor a Retirement Plan?

Company retirement plans offer many benefits to employers and employees. Learn More >

Leading Questions to Discover Sales Opportunities

A list of questions to ask a plan sponsor to open the door for a discussion about retirement plan services. Learn More >

Discretionary vs. Directed Trustee

The amount of fiduciary liability of a plan trustee depends upon how much discretion the trustee has over the management of the plan’s assets. Learn More >

Designing a Retirement Plan for Phased Retirement

Employers who want to benefit older workers that are partially retired may want to consider these plan design changes. Learn More >

Vesting: A Look at Retirement Plan Ownership

An important consideration in plan design is structuring the vesting schedule for the employer contributions. Learn More >

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