Routine Services

The consequences of inaccurate or untimely administration, testing and reporting can be serious and may include penalties and adverse tax consequences. RMS assists our clients by monitoring their plans to insure full compliance at all times. We provide routine annual administrative services to all types of retirement plans.

Census Review

We initiate the collection of employee data, determine eligible employees and reconcile employee statistics from the previous allocation. We use a secure data transfer system that lets us communicate safely and reliably with our clients. Back to Top

Summary of Accounts

We reconcile the plan assets and track contributions and distributions and reconcile the transactions with the trustee or custodian asset reports. Back to Top

Contribution Calculations

We can determine the annual profit sharing or matching contribution, taking into consideration applicable deduction limits and any other compliance testing requirements. Back to Top

Vesting Updates

We will track and maintain the employee vesting information and make sure it is reported accurately on participant statements. Back to Top

Compliance Testing

All necessary compliance tests, including 415 Annual Additions testing; Elective Deferral Limits; Coverage Testing, Top Heavy Testing; ADP and ACP Testing and 401(a)(4) Nondiscrimination Testing. Back to Top

Signature Ready Form 5500

We prepare the annual Form 5500 so that it is “signature ready”. We coordinate with your accountant and trustee for the preparation of any required audits or enclosures to the 5500. We also prepare the Summary Annual Report and the Form 8955-SSA. Back to Top

Distribution and Loan Processing

We can review all paperwork, check vesting, and determine distribution and loan availability amounts. Back to Top

Preparation of Employee Statements

For plans that are only valued annually, we can prepare employee statements of account and vesting information. Back to Top

Tax Reporting Forms 1099, 1096 and 945

We prepare these forms (as needed) to report distributions from the plan. Back to Top

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