The Verdict is In….Here are some samples of what RMS clients said about us when surveyed by the Gregory Group, a Washington D.C. based consulting firm that conducts an annual survey of elite Third Party Administration Firms.

Responses from Surveys

"We love working with RMS. They are always professional, nice, patient. Just good people to work with."

"I know they have my company’s best interest at the heart of what they do and advise. Priceless!!"

"RMS is more like a business partner than a vendor."

"Be attentive to my inquiries and responsive to my needs. They do this well."

"Excellent follow up by staff w/questions on report; critical issues quick response."

"Keep me informed of what I have to do to stay in compliance."

"Listens to our needs and provides professional guidance."

"Provides timely, accurate and professional service."

"Maintain the superior customer service that they currently provide."

"For 20+ years, we had a bundled plan so I’m new to this arrangement.  I can’t think of anything my new TPA RMS can do better."

"They provide superior service. They reply promptly to my emails. Very good at explaining things in layman’s term so I understand and can relay the information on to our employees."

"Great communicators, proactive, and thorough in their reporting."

"Very satisfied with all aspects of the relationship we have with our TPA."


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