Plan Sponsors

There are many benefits to working with an outside Third Party Administrator (TPA) on your retirement program. A TPA acts as an independent consultant, providing retirement services that protect your best interest and ensure the retirement plan stays in compliance with the ever-changing rules and regulations imposed by various governing agencies.

Comprehensive Plan Services

We provide a full annual review of the plan, including eligibility determinations, contribution calculations, and reconciling the trust account with independent payroll and deposit records. In addition, we perform all necessary compliance testing and provide valuable feedback to help you mitigate potential discrimination issues. We also prepare the annual Form 5500 and Summary Annual Report. Throughout the plan year, our experienced team can assist with distribution and loan processing and Qualified Domestic Relations Order processing, as well as answer questions related to eligibility and rehire issues. We are ready and willing to assist with any plan issues that arise during the year. Learn more about Routine Services

Document Services

Retirement Management Services provides full document services for our clients who use a prototype or volume submitter document. Our document services include a review of the current plan provisions, consultation on any suggested changes or enhancements to plan design, and a signature-ready plan document and Summary Plan Description for participants. Because we produce the document in-house, requested amendments can be processed quickly and easily. Our document and recordkeeping systems are integrated, which enables us to ensure that the actual operation of the plan is in accordance with the terms of the plan document. Learn more about Design and Documents.

Specialized Services

We value the trust that is placed in our firm by the employers who retain us for plan consulting and administration. We provide customized solutions for our clients. Each plan is assigned to a dedicated team that consists of an Account Executive and one or more Plan Specialists who take the time to get to know each client and determine the best plan design and administrative practices for that specific employer’s plan. Although we will work with your financial advisor and CPA on any investment platform you choose, we are independent of any of these other advisors. We work for you and our focus is on providing the highest quality service for your plan. Learn more about Consulting and Special Services.

For more information, view our resources or contact us to discuss how we can help you meet your business and retirement plan goals.

Fidelity Bonding and Fiduciary Insurance

RMS has partnered with Colonial Surety Company, a leading provider of ERISA fidelity bonds and other pension related insurance products.  Learn more about their products and request a free quote by viewing our resources.

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