The Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) - 2022

A SEP plan provides business owners with a simplified means of contributing to their employees’ retirement. Learn More >

Comparing 7 Defined Contribution Plan Designs - 2022

When designing a Defined Contribution plan, it is important to understand how the various types compare. Learn More >

What Retirement Policies Should Your 401(k) Plan Have in Place

Policies and procedures for 401(k) plans help employees involved in the plan administration do their job efficiently. Learn More >

401(k) Safe Harbor Rules - 2022

A description of the 401(k) safe harbor rules, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of this plan design option. Learn More >

"Cross-Testing" in Qualified Profit Sharing Plans - 2022

A brief description of the mechanics of cross-testing and some general guidelines on which employers are good candidates for this plan design. Learn More >

SIMPLE IRAs vs 401(k) Safe Harbor Plans - 2022

What are the differences and which is right for your company? Learn More >

Federal Reserve Interest Rate Increase

The Federal Reserve raised interest rates by .75%, what does that mean for you and your money? Learn More >

3 Important Retirement Plan Document Deadlines for 2022

Cycle 3 document restatement, SECURE Act amendment, and CARES Act amendment are all retirement plan related documents with important deadlines for 2022. Learn More >

Lifetime Income Disclosures

Lifetime Income Disclosures present account balances as an annuity to better inform participants on monthly income after retirement. Learn More >

Gender Pension Gap

We are all familiar with the gender pay gap, but the disparity doesn’t stop there. It continues into retirement where women retire with less income than men, known as the Gender Pension Gap. Learn More >

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