Details of the SECURE Act - Part Nine: Plan Loans via Credit Cards

Section 108 of the Act amends the tax laws to prohibit the use of debit/credit cards to take a participation loan. Learn More >

Details of the SECURE Act - Part Eight: QACA Increase Auto Enrollment Cap

Section 102 of the Act amends the tax laws to increase the auto enrollment cap to 15%. Learn More >

The Saver's Credit - 2021

The saver's credit is an income tax credit of up to 50% of 401(k) employee contributions that is available for certain taxpayers with income that does not exceed $66,000. Learn More >

Details of the SECURE Act - Part Seven: Due Date for Adopting a New Plan

A plan will be considered adopted for a particular year as long as it is adopted before the due date of the business tax return (including extensions). Learn More >

Details of the SECURE Act - Part Six: IRA Enhancements

Sections 106 of the Act amend the tax laws to Treat Certain Taxable Non-Tuition Fellowship and Stipend Payments as Compensation for IRA Purposes. Learn More >

Comparing 7 Defined Contribution Plan Designs - 2021

When designing a Defined Contribution plan, it is important to understand how the various types compare. Learn More >

"Cross-Testing" in Qualified Profit Sharing Plans - 2021

A brief description of the mechanics of cross-testing and some general guidelines on which employers are good candidates for this plan design. Learn More >

The SECURE Act: Changes for Long Term/Part Time Employees

The SECURE Act requires that long term/part time employees must be permitted to make elective deferrals under an employer's 401(k) plan after three years working more than 500 hours. Learn More >

Cybersecurity: Is Your Data Protected?

EVERYONE in a company is responsible for Cybersecurity - our society is dependent on electronic communication and data transfer. There are simple changes a company can make to protect their data. Learn More >

Why Are Administrative Policies Important?

Retirement plan laws can be intimidating but a well thought out administrative policy can relieve some of the anxiety in making decisions that are in compliance with ERISA rules and regulations. Learn More >

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