Details of the SECURE Act - Part Three: Rules Related to Safe Harbor Plans

The SECURE Act eliminates the notice requirement for Safe Harbor nonelective contributions and extends the deadline for an employer to elect safe harbor status. Learn More >

Automatic Enrollment Plan Designs

There are many qualified plans that are not taking advantage of automatic enrollment. Learn More >

Details of the SECURE Act - Part Two: Provisions Related to Attainment of Age 70.5

Under the SECURE Act, the required age for Required Minimum Distributions to begin has been extended and the restriction on individuals over age 70 ½ making IRA contributions has been eliminated. Learn More >

Details of the SECURE Act - Part One: Covering Long-Term Part-Time Workers

The SECURE Act contains significant changes to tax-qualified retirement plans. This article looks in detail at one provision that would require coverage of part-time employees. Learn More >


The SECURE Act was passed on December 20, 2019. RMS has compiled a summary of the different provisions in the Act. Learn More >

Required Annual Tests - 2020

Be sure your qualified plan is fully tested every year. The following article summarizes eight tests that are required annually. Learn More >

The SIMPLE IRA Plan - 2020

A SIMPLE IRA plan provides small employers with a tax-advantaged plan that offers simpler, less costly administration. Learn More >

Cash Balance Plans - 2020

Cash balance plans offer high contribution limits and flexibility. Learn More >

2020 Employee Benefit Indexed Limitations

View the employee benefit indexed limitations for the 2020 plan year, released by the IRS. Learn More >

Other Useful Organizations

Additional useful information for the needs of your retirement plan can be found from related organizations. Learn More >

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