Davis-Bacon Plans

An overview of the aspects that comprise a Davis-Bacon plan. Learn More >

SEPs vs 401(k) Safe-Harbor

What are the differences and which is right for your company? Learn More >

Small Employer Credit for Retirement Plan Start-Up Costs

For small employer retirement plans, a tax credit of up to 50% of the first $1,000 in “eligible start up costs” may be available to offset establishment and administration costs. Learn More >

Four Safe Harbor Options for 401(k) Plans

This chart describes the four safe harbor options available to employers to avoid some nondiscrimination testing. Learn More >

What You Should Know About the Hardship Withdrawal Process

A checklist of tasks to review and approve hardship withdrawals. Learn More >

Searching for Missing Participants

We recommend plan sponsors always keep an up-to-date permanent listing of missing participants as part of their retirement plan record. Learn More >

Switching from a SEP to a 401(k)

Why might an employer decide to switch from a SEP to 401(k)? This article describes the enhanced plan features available in a 401(k) plan. Learn More >

Simple IRA vs 401(k)

This article explains the many reasons an employer may want to sponsor a 401(k) plan instead of a Simple IRA. Learn More >

Roth Elective Deferrals in a 401(k) Plan

Make sure you understand how to administer a Roth 401(k) account before adding it to your plan. Learn More >

Permitted Disparity in Contribution Formula

Discretionary profit sharing contributions can come in many “flavors”. Learn More >

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