Partial Plan Terminations

It may be deemed that there has been a partial plan termination if more than 20% of the plan’s participants are terminated. Learn More >

Roth 401(k) Contributions, From the Participant's Point of View

What considerations should be made when deciding between pre-tax or Roth after-tax 401(k) contributions? Learn More >

Maintaining Retirement Plan Records

Retaining important plan information is critical. ERISA requires that some records be kept for a six-year period, while other records must be kept indefinitely. Learn More >

Winning Retirement Plan Business

Advisors with in-depth knowledge of retirement plans who partner with a TPA are more successful at growing their retirement plan business. Learn More >

Profit Sharing Council of America Fiduciary Training Program

Learn More >

Automatic Enrollment Booklet

Learn More >

Retirement Savings Calculator

This worksheet helps you determine what percent of pay to save for retirement. Learn More >

FAQs on the Conflict of Interest Rule

The DOL discusses questions associated with the conflict of interest rule. Learn More >

Increases in Penalty Amounts for Plan Violations

Congress passed the 2015 Inflation Adjustment Act to ensure federal agencies comply with the requirement to adjust penalties each year for inflation. Learn More >

Correct Common Hardship Distribution Errors

The IRS addresses three common errors associated with Hardship Distributions. Learn More >

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