What Does it Take to be a Non-ERISA 403(b) Plan?

In order to keep a retirement plan exempt from ERISA, 403(b) plan sponsors must be careful not to exercise any discretionary authority over the plan. Learn More >

New Form 5500 Reporting Requirements for MEPs

Multiple Employer Plans now have to include an attachment to the Form 5500 to list all participating employers. Learn More >

Managing a Plan Vendor Change

What to expect when moving the retirement plan assets and records to a new recordkeeper. Learn More >

Questions to Ask a Plan Recordkeeper

Make sure the potential new recordkeeper is a good fit for the plan and the employer by asking these questions BEFORE the decision is made to transfer the plan’s administration. Learn More >

Designing a Retirement Plan for Phased Retirement

Employers who want to benefit older workers that are partially retired may want to consider these plan design changes. Learn More >

Fidelity/Fiduciary Bonding

Colonial Surety Company can provide a quote for fidelity and fiduciary bonds. Learn More >

Understanding Revenue Sharing

Indirect fees calculated on plan assets and paid to service providers as revenue sharing must be monitored and understood by plan fiduciaries. Learn More >

IRS LESE Program and Compliance Questionnaire

IRS compliance programs provide employers with insight on focus areas for plan audit. Learn More >

Administering a Top Heavy Plan

Top heavy testing is performed each year to determine if the Key employees own a significant portion of the total plan assets. Learn More >

Understanding ADP and ACP Testing

ADP and ACP testing can be very complex. This article provides a high level overview of the important elements of the testing. Learn More >

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