Roth Elective Deferrals in a 401(k) Plan

Make sure you understand how to administer a Roth 401(k) account before adding it to your plan. Learn More >

Permitted Disparity in Contribution Formula

Discretionary profit sharing contributions can come in many “flavors”. Learn More >

Partial Plan Terminations

It may be deemed that there has been a partial plan termination if more than 20% of the plan’s participants are terminated. Learn More >

Roth 401(k) Contributions, From the Participant's Point of View

What considerations should be made when deciding between pre-tax or Roth after-tax 401(k) contributions? Learn More >

Maintaining Retirement Plan Records

Retaining important plan information is critical. ERISA requires that some records be kept for a six-year period, while other records must be kept indefinitely. Learn More >

Winning Retirement Plan Business

Advisors with in-depth knowledge of retirement plans who partner with a TPA are more successful at growing their retirement plan business. Learn More >

Profit Sharing Council of America Fiduciary Training Program

Learn More >

Automatic Enrollment Booklet

Learn More >

Retirement Savings Calculator

This worksheet helps you determine what percent of pay to save for retirement. Learn More >

FAQs on the Conflict of Interest Rule

The DOL discusses questions associated with the conflict of interest rule. Learn More >

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