Federal Reserve Interest Rate Increase

The Federal Reserve raised interest rates by .75%, what does that mean for you and your money? Learn More >

Alternative Investments

Real estate, cryptocurrency, hedge funds, private equity; is adding alternative investments to your retirement plan worth the risk? Learn More >

Are Retirement Funds Safe from Creditors?

In most cases 401k funds qualify for creditor protection under a federal law known as ERISA. Learn More >

DOL Guidance on ESG and Other Investments

The DOL released final guidance on October 30, 2020, concerning socially responsible, environmental, corporate governance (ESG) investing, impact investing, and economically targeted investing. Learn More >

Selecting and Monitoring Target Date Funds

Plan fiduciaries need to prudently select the Target Date Fund offered in the Plan. The DOL has created a tip sheet about Target Date Funds. Learn More >

QDIAs under the Pension Protection Act

Qualified default investments can help relieve plan fiduciaries of liability for investing plan assets of employees who don’t make an election. Learn More >

FINRA Issues Notice to Firms on IRA Marketing Practices and Rollovers

Financial firm practices related to the marketing of IRAs are going to be subject to increased focus by FINRA in 2014. Learn More >

Annuities in 401(k) Plans

Many of today’s employees may find themselves retiring with funds that might not last a lifetime. Learn More >

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