"Cross-Testing" in Qualified Profit Sharing Plans - 2021

A brief description of the mechanics of cross-testing and some general guidelines on which employers are good candidates for this plan design. Learn More >

The SECURE Act: Changes for Long Term/Part Time Employees

The SECURE Act requires that long term/part time employees must be permitted to make elective deferrals under an employer's 401(k) plan after three years working more than 500 hours. Learn More >

Cybersecurity: Is Your Data Protected?

EVERYONE in a company is responsible for Cybersecurity - our society is dependent on electronic communication and data transfer. There are simple changes a company can make to protect their data. Learn More >

Why Are Administrative Policies Important?

Retirement plan laws can be intimidating but a well thought out administrative policy can relieve some of the anxiety in making decisions that are in compliance with ERISA rules and regulations. Learn More >

Cash Balance Plans - 2021

Cash balance plans offer high contribution limits and flexibility. Learn More >

DOL Guidance on ESG and Other Investments

The DOL released final guidance on October 30, 2020, concerning socially responsible, environmental, corporate governance (ESG) investing, impact investing, and economically targeted investing. Learn More >

Take Advantage of Cycle 3 Document Restatements

The IRS requires document restatements every 6 years, take advantage of this and update your plan design during restatement! Learn More >

2021 Employee Benefit Indexed Limitations

View the Employee Benefit Indexed LIMITATIONS for the 2021 plan year, released by the IRS. Learn More >

SIMPLE IRAs vs 401(k) Safe Harbor Plans - 2020

What are the differences and which is right for your company? Learn More >

The Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) - 2020

A SEP plan provides business owners with a simplified means of contributing to their employees’ retirement. Learn More >

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